Week of April 20th

Lesson Resources/Activities for the Week of April 20th Activity 1 – Choose one of the following songs and submit a Flipgrid of you performing along with a band recording. Audio can be found at jwpepper.com or youtube. -Symphonic Band (1st, 2nd, 6th), Look at; Into the Storm, The Rites of Tamburo -Wind Ensemble (4th & […]

Week of April 13th

Week of April 6th Lesson

“GETTING IN SHAPE! Developing a Personal Practice Routine.”  We all know that practice is the key to developing a musical skill set but unfocused practice can be frustrating. Horn-on-face is a good start to establish a practice routine but without goals, gets old quickly.   Unfocused practice is like getting in a car to go somewhere but without knowing exactly you’re going, how long it will take, or […]