Week of April 27th – Percussion Only

Activity 1- Find a percussion ensemble piece that you think your ensemble can handle and that you would like to try in the future. To find one, I suggest using Tapspace or Rowloff (links below)https://www.tapspace.com/percussion-ensemble/

Percussion Ensemble Sheet Music – TapspaceThis arrangement of Ravel’s masterpiece recreates the colorful and vibrant work for percussion ensemble. This piece will challenge performers and engage audiences with its accessible Spanish flair.www.tapspace.com


Row-Loff Productions Percussion Literature – Concert Classical EnsemblesA Collection of 4 Grade I Ensembles based on popular Classical themes Surprise Symphony by Joseph Haydn (1:28) Eine kleine Nachtmusik by W. A. Mozart(1:10)www.rowloff.com

Activity 2- Watch the videos and do the worksheet on wood blocks, temple blocks and gong/tamtam (worksheet attached)
Activity 3- Watch this video of the MTSU Snare Ensemble play in the 2014 PASIC Small Ensemble Competition. This ensemble won 1st place. (link below)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFv8J0ozApM

MTSU Snare Ensemble || Night In The BorrowCheck out the Middle Tennessee State University Snare Ensemble entitled “Night In The Borrow”! ================================================== For more vi…www.youtube.com