For your lesson this week, you have access to some of our concert music as a resource. If you choose to participate in the bi-weekly masterclass, we’ll cover some of these selections.

Look at the following 3 activities; info to access the music is at the bottom of the post.

Activity 1

Symphonic Band (1st, 2nd, 6th), Look at; Into the Storm, The Rites of Tamburo

Wind Ensemble (4th & 7th), Look at Novo Lenio, Impact.

Activity 2

All classes, after looking at and reviewing the assigned music, find a recording (be sure it’s the correct arrangement) at or on youtube and play along. We’ll have a future assignment based on activity 2.

Activity 3

All classes, do the same for 24K Magic and My Songs Know What You Did…

Guard class, these are new stands tunes, it might be time for creating a new dance.

To access the music…

Go to and enter the following access code at the bottom of the page KnceOVFHYNc=