2023 Leadership Training

Lesson #1, Culture and Values 1.Watch the following video from Inky Johnson Character – Inky Johnson – https://twitter.com/i/status/1635237081650962434 2.Complete this Microsoft Form about Leadership and Values. Answer from your own experience. https://forms.office.com/r/rAvSmwkcEp 3. Read https://www.teens2teams.com/services/band_mission_statements.html 4. Read https://thefranklinband.org/core-values/

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Field Commander Auditions

*Audition Areas 1. Tempo Recognition  & Control You’ll be given these tempos to conduct the different patterns. We’ll randomly mute/unmute the metronome to observe how well you control tempo. On the day of the audition, video record yourself conducting these excerpts using Flipgrid. 4/4 – tempo 140 3/4 – tempo 110 2/4 – tempo 90 […]