MTSBOA Mid-State Band / Orchestra / Jazz Audition Registration

Deadline for all Forms and Fees – Fri. Oct. 23

You can audition on a maximum of 2 instruments and if you audition for jazz, you may audition on an additional 2 instruments. If you are auditioning for Orchestra, that comes from your Band audition. TMEA All – STATE Band, Orchestra, and Jazz Band will be comprised of the top chairs from East, Middle, and West TN. Riverdale has a long tradition of mid-state and All-State musicians, good luck!

For 2020-2021, auditions will be based on 1) Prepared Music, 2) 4 scales, 3) chromatic scale. There is no Sight-Reading requirement this year.


Cost is $10 per audition (cash or check, payable to “Riverdale Band Boosters”).
You will not be registered until you pay the audition fee (required by MTSBOA).

Questions? See Mr. Aymett or Mr. Crossley

Calendar Sync Instructions for Phone

iOS Devices (iPhone)

To Sync the Riverdale Band calendar to your iOS device, CLICK HERE for instructions. You will need to copy and paste the following URL for STEP 5 of the instructions:

Android Devices

How to Subscribe to a Calendar on Android

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Copy and Paste this link:
  3. Click the + icon and select “Add Calendar” (bottom right)
  4. *It may prompt you to sign in to your account
  5. Click “Add Calendar

Percussion Class Materials List

Freshman Year

  • 1 pair-Concert Snare Sticks-IP-LD or IP-JC
  • 1 pair-Marimba Mallets- IP2003 or IP300
  • 1 pair-Xylophone/Bell mallets-IP904 or IP-902
  • 1 pair- Timpani Mallets- GT-3
  • Stick or Mallet bag
  • Evans 12” Realfeel 2-Sided Practice Pad

Sophomore Year

  • Freshman year materials
  • 1 pair-Marimba Mallets- IP2003 or IP300
  • 2 pair-Vibe Mallets- IP1006 or IP2007

Junior/Senior Year

  • Freshman year materials
  • Sophomore year materials
  • 2 pairs-Drum-Set Sticks-IP-5A or IP-2B
  • 1 pair-Bamboo Timpani Mallets-BT-4

Go to to view all mallets and sticks.

July 30 Instrument Check out Sign-Up

Please fill out the form for school instrument check out:

We will only be checking out the following instruments: Tuba/Sousaphone, Marching Baritone, Mellophone, Tenor Sax

Band Dues and Form Collection Dates

Hello Band Parents and Students,

The Boosters will be at Riverdale High School this Friday evening July 24th, from 6PM to 8PM and Saturday morning, July 25th, from 8AM to 12 PM collecting registration paperwork and band dues.

A notary public will be on-site Friday and Saturday. Reminder: A parent or legal guardian must be present for the forms to be notarized.

Event Details

Friday evening July 24th, from 6PM to 8PM

-There is no drop off schedule. Come at your convenience during these hours.

Saturday morning, July 25th, from 8AM to 12 PM

  • To make the collection process as smooth as possible we would ask that you arrive at the school based upon the student’s grade:

    8AM-9AM Seniors

    9AM to 10AM Juniors

    10AM to 11AM Sophomores

    11AM to 12 PM Freshmen

If you would like to volunteer to help on Friday or Saturday, please contact:

Stephie Taki, Volunteer Coordinator,

Thank you,

Riverdale Band Boosters

Our Return to Band

Dear Band Students and Parents,

We know you’re disappointed about band camp being canceled: we are too.

With school about to start, there’s no way to actually postpone an entire week of camp. However, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

“Huh?”  “What?”  “That’s crazy!”  “How?”  “Are you nuts?”

(Well, we must be nuts because that’s exactly what we plan to do.)

Once we get back in school and better know how this fall is going to work, we plan to have some of our camp staff members come in throughout the fall. Instead of our students drinking from the firehose of band camp knowledge, we’re going to trickle out a steady stream of learning throughout the fall.

 For our after-school rehearsals, we’ll have masterclassessectionals, and hopefully, new experiences for our students.

Will it be the same as good ol’ band camp?… Probably not.

Will it be better?… We think so.

We know it’ll smell better, for sure (there’ll be no band camp scent of sunscreen mixed with sweat). 

That’s a win-win for everyone, right? 😊

Just keep the following things in mind:

  • Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s how we respond to change that matters.
  • What challenges us, changes us.
  • You’ll still receive the same level and quality of instruction that band camp offers, just spread out over a longer period of time (bonus!).
  • Most importantly, we’re here for you! If you don’t know, ask questions! We’re learning, too! 

You might find that you actually like this fall better than “what we used to do.” Or maybe not. It’s new, it’s different, and it’s going to be an adventure!

Remember, we’re in this together!

We’ll be navigating through this with you – and there’s nothing that we can’t do when we work together.

We can’t wait to see you!

Mr. Aymett & Mr. Crossley

Band Camp Update

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable and safe summer! The past few months have been very difficult – trying to plan for all the band camp possibilities has been like building a sandcastle… as soon as one plan is completed, waves of change cause us to start all over. It seems that policies and updates are continually changing. The increasing number of unknowns – will we have school, how will school work, will we have football, how can we stay safe – has made planning the path forward extremely difficult.

The Riverdale Band is an extremely important part of our school and community and acting in the best interest of our students and extended band family is always at the forefront of our mind.

We have been in near constant contact with area band directors and school administrators. Everyone knows that this school year will look different. And like we tell our students, change isn’t necessarily bad, it’s how we react to change that matters. Countless hours have been spent trying to plan a camp that is safe, effective, and enjoyable. We’re ready to see our students and help them achieve their musical goals. Unfortunately, the large number of unknown variables leaves us to believe that canceling band camp is in the best interest of band students, staff, and extended band family. At the moment, we believe there are too many unknowns to safely and effectively conduct band camp. Several area band programs have already announced their intent to not compete this fall. We anticipate that most area band contests will be canceled (if they haven’t already done so), there are travel restrictions, and safety concerns have all impacted this decision.

We do not make this decision lightly and still intend to offer a marching experience for our students. We will do our best to transition camp experiences and learning into our school and rehearsal settings. We believe that adequate rehearsals exist for us to prepare for performance at home football games. We look forward to this opportunity to create new and unique opportunities and continue the tradition of great Riverdale Bands! As always, we continue to look at ways we can grow the band experience at Riverdale. When one door closes, another opens. Our program is not defined by this situation, our legacy goes far beyond one camp or one season. You are a vital part of a 50-year-old tradition which we intend to continue with your dedication and support.

As the fall band experience continues to evolve, we’ll continue to communicate information through email and at

Musically yours,

Mike Aymett & Matt Crossley

Riverdale Band Directors

Show Music 2020

Here’s all the 2020 show music in 4 files, Intro, Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3. We’ll make part assignments at band camp, so feel free to try the part you want. Print from this file or save to your device. We’ll post mp3 audio tracks closer to band camp.

Percussion Intro mp3
Percussion Part 1 mp3
Percussion Part 2 mp3
Percussion Part 3 mp3

2020-2021 Band Kick-off

Welcome to #Riverdale49, we’re looking forward to finally seeing the band and meeting our new students! There’s a lot of info to cover so keep this post handy for future reference. Let’s get started!


First of all, welcome! You’re beginning a journey at an excellent school with a great tradition of excellence. On the first day of band, you’ll automatically have 150 friends, with upperclassmen willing to share their experience and help you become a successful Riverdale Warrior.

Band at Riverdale is a co-curricular activity. This means we have a class and after-school requirement (rehearsals, concerts, performances) so we do our best to provide an updated schedule, well-in advance. If you have a school-based or medical conflict, let us know as soon as possible (like, at least 2-3 weeks in advance). The sooner we know, the better we can work with you.

Band is comprised of two main components; concert + marching = band. There are exceptions to the marching component: participating in a fall TSSAA sport such as varsity football, cross-country or cheerleading, or a documented medical condition from your doctor. Again, communicating with us in advance is the best way to help us help you. Sometimes you might have an event like a grandparent’s 100th birthday or a parent returning from deployment – we can work with you if we know in advance. is the best way to contact both Mr. Aymett and Mr. Crossley.


There are important forms that every student needs to complete by the start of band camp. They are available at 

Band camp will be slightly different this year. We’re doing our best to keep our students and staff both safe and healthy, following county, school, and CDC guidelines. We’ll have more camp details posted at as we get closer to camp. All camp activities are at Riverdale. For now, here’s the camp schedule;

July 20-24      8am-5pm,       Colorguard camp with Ms. Jones

July 20-24      9am-5pm       Percussion camp with Mr. Hale

July 21 & 23   6pm-8:30pm  All woodwind and brass players

July 27-30      8am-5pm    All band members (brass, guard, percussion, woodwind)

July 31            8am-noon   All band members (brass, guard, percussion, woodwind)


After-school rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, typically 3:30-6pm.

If the heat index is too high, August rehearsals could be 6pm-8:30pm – we’ll have more info available by band camp.


Aug.-Oct.         Friday night Riverdale football games (more info later)

Aug. or Sept.   Sat. Marchathon fundraiser (more info later)

Sept. 26          Competition at Siegel HS

Oct. 17            Host our competition

Dec. TBA         Murfreesboro Christmas Parade


Every parent/guardian is automatically a member of the Band Boosters.  You have heard the phrase: “it takes a village.” This is more than true when we talk about what exactly our Booster program does (It is more like “what don’t we do?”). 

More information will be shared in the upcoming weeks about what you can expect as a band parent, how things work, and all the things that you “didn’t know you didn’t know”.  To summarize:  The Boosters support our students, directors, and the band program in any way they possibly can, and a huge part of that comes from raising the funds necessary to achieve the success this program strives for.


In order for the band directors and boosters to prepare for band camp and upcoming football season, we need for everyone to register.  Please go to and complete the annual registration. Upon completion, you will receive an email with the annual required forms that will need to be completed and turned in at Uniform Fitting.


We are in the process of planning Uniform Fitting. There will be some changes this year due to COVID-19 guidelines. We will be announcing the dates and plans within the next few weeks.


Band dues. The first of four $150 installments are due on June 10th.  Payments can be made at  Some examples of what these funds will go towards:  Feeding the students for every home football game, repairing equipment, repairing uniforms, buying equipment and uniforms, paying for top quality music and instructors.  We realize that because of the current circumstances created by COVID-19, not everyone may be able to pay their dues on time. Please contact the Riverdale Band Boosters at  to make alternate payment arrangements. 


Email the directors at

See the calendar and updated info at

Announcements are also posted through Twitter @RiverdaleBand and 

for students in the REMIND app. 

Text @689feg to 81010 to join the Riverdale2020-2021 REMIND group.

We will also use an organizational app, Cut Time, to share schedules, assignments, and contact band students and families. We’ll have more details on this later.


We’ve put together an exciting show, “Friday Night Lights,” that honors Riverdale’s history of tradition and entertainment. Here’s a sneak peek –

Again, to our new members, welcome and we look forward to meeting you! And to our returning members, know that we’ve missed you and are excited to get the band back together! See you in July!

Musically yours,

Mr. Aymett & Mr. Crossley