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Spring & Summer Activities Update

Good afternoon, It’s been awhile since we touched base on band activities, but thankfully, things are looking up for a more normal band experience in 2021-2022. There’s a lot an info to share so hang on! BOOSTER INFO With 2020-2021 drawing to a close, it’s time to welcome a new booster board and volunteers to […]

Percussion Class Materials List

Freshman Year 1 pair-Concert Snare Sticks-IP-LD or IP-JC 1 pair-Marimba Mallets- IP2003 or IP300 1 pair-Xylophone/Bell mallets-IP904 or IP-902 1 pair- Timpani Mallets- GT-3 Stick or Mallet bag Evans 12” Realfeel 2-Sided Practice Pad Sophomore Year Freshman year materials 1 pair-Marimba Mallets- IP2003 or IP300 2 pair-Vibe Mallets- IP1006 or IP2007 Junior/Senior Year Freshman year […]

Band Dues and Form Collection Dates

Hello Band Parents and Students, The Boosters will be at Riverdale High School this Friday evening July 24th, from 6PM to 8PM and Saturday morning, July 25th, from 8AM to 12 PM collecting registration paperwork and band dues. A notary public will be on-site Friday and Saturday. Reminder: A parent or legal guardian must be present for the […]

Our Return to Band

Dear Band Students and Parents, We know you’re disappointed about band camp being canceled: we are too. With school about to start, there’s no way to actually postpone an entire week of camp. However, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. “Huh?”  “What?”  “That’s crazy!”  “How?”  “Are you nuts?” (Well, we must be nuts because that’s exactly what we plan […]

Band Camp Update

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable and safe summer! The past few months have been very difficult – trying to plan for all the band camp possibilities has been like building a sandcastle… as soon as one plan is completed, waves of change cause us to start all over. It seems that policies and updates […]

Show Music 2020

Here’s all the 2020 show music in 4 files, Intro, Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3. We’ll make part assignments at band camp, so feel free to try the part you want. Print from this file or save to your device. We’ll post mp3 audio tracks closer to band camp.

2020-2021 Band Kick-off

Welcome to #Riverdale49, we’re looking forward to finally seeing the band and meeting our new students! There’s a lot of info to cover so keep this post handy for future reference. Let’s get started! FOR OUR NEW MEMBERS First of all, welcome! You’re beginning a journey at an excellent school with a great tradition of […]

Instrument Pick-up / Check-out

Tuesday, May 19 For students wanting to pick-up personal instruments/equipment or check out a school instrument/equipment for summer use, there are times available for Tuesday, May 19, 3-5pm. There is a School instrument / equipment maintenance fee; Wind and Percussion instruments – $50 for year, including summer. Guard equipment – $25 per semester (fall includes […]