Band Camp Update

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable and safe summer! The past few months have been very difficult – trying to plan for all the band camp possibilities has been like building a sandcastle… as soon as one plan is completed, waves of change cause us to start all over. It seems that policies and updates are continually changing. The increasing number of unknowns – will we have school, how will school work, will we have football, how can we stay safe – has made planning the path forward extremely difficult.

The Riverdale Band is an extremely important part of our school and community and acting in the best interest of our students and extended band family is always at the forefront of our mind.

We have been in near constant contact with area band directors and school administrators. Everyone knows that this school year will look different. And like we tell our students, change isn’t necessarily bad, it’s how we react to change that matters. Countless hours have been spent trying to plan a camp that is safe, effective, and enjoyable. We’re ready to see our students and help them achieve their musical goals. Unfortunately, the large number of unknown variables leaves us to believe that canceling band camp is in the best interest of band students, staff, and extended band family. At the moment, we believe there are too many unknowns to safely and effectively conduct band camp. Several area band programs have already announced their intent to not compete this fall. We anticipate that most area band contests will be canceled (if they haven’t already done so), there are travel restrictions, and safety concerns have all impacted this decision.

We do not make this decision lightly and still intend to offer a marching experience for our students. We will do our best to transition camp experiences and learning into our school and rehearsal settings. We believe that adequate rehearsals exist for us to prepare for performance at home football games. We look forward to this opportunity to create new and unique opportunities and continue the tradition of great Riverdale Bands! As always, we continue to look at ways we can grow the band experience at Riverdale. When one door closes, another opens. Our program is not defined by this situation, our legacy goes far beyond one camp or one season. You are a vital part of a 50-year-old tradition which we intend to continue with your dedication and support.

As the fall band experience continues to evolve, we’ll continue to communicate information through email and at

Musically yours,

Mike Aymett & Matt Crossley

Riverdale Band Directors